Saturday, 19 August 2017

First Blood

Confess, ye armies of the night:
This was the week that shook the right.
In Charlottesville Black Lives Matter
Handed our heads to us on a platter;
Poor Robert Spencer, pepper in his eyes,
His own pain drowning victims' cries,
Called the day a sure round win - 
That wheel, alas, was still in spin.
He’d not yet heard of what went down,
And when he did he had to frown;
The verdict's in, though facts are faint:
The right raised hell, the left a saint.
With all mainstream then out for blood,
It fell to Trump to calm the flood;
He had to think, not lose his head,
So he offered up poor Steve's instead.
Then after Spain, how to combat
The journos screaming copycat? 
Oh the irony, the cruel, cruel ploy:
The right made Islam's whipping boy!
More victims followed, - Russian, Finnish,-
But Charlottesville none could diminish.
Then monuments fell thick and fast,
As progs began to cull the past;
“Where will it end? asked Mister Trump.
Answer: white culture in the dump.
Right on the heels of Robert E. Lee
The living with the dead shall be;
In Canada our Faith got the ax
For being right with the wrong kind of facts.
Now you know and can take for granted
What falls when Blood and Soil is chanted:
Left gets the blood and Right gets planted.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Macron Bleu!

The City of Lights
Is heading for the caves:
The French by a landslide,
Have dug their own graves.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

email to a minister

Item: Heritage minister wants subsidies for “ailing” news industry ; see: Molyneux

Your proposal is amazing, 
And leaves the country speechless:
To make the lackey press 
Official government leeches!
Though no remedy is known,
For blue pill overdose,
Your merciful injection,
Should bring their suffering to a close
And then these national treasures,
(If you should so decree them)
Can rest with the other fossils,
In the National Museum.

Friday, 28 April 2017


            The Hundred Days 
Like Napoleon’s comeback campaign, 
That ended in exile and wane:
After Bannon’s Waterloo,
And the daughter's deft coup,
Restoration is on once again.

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Cowboys and Indians

Item: Trump and media side with Syrian White Helmets

Trump’s off the reservation,
With Tomahawks in his quiver,
As we learn to our consternation
That he’s an Indian giver.

He signed the treaty and made a vow 
That he’d never let them down;
But he’s joined up with the cowboys now,
Who are terrorizing the town.

It’s the all-too familiar saga,
With the posse going to bat
For the renegade red of MAGA,
Who suddenly donned a white hat.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Reefer Jihadness

News Items: a majority of Canadians unhappy with “Islamophobia" motion 
              Canada to decriminalize Marijuana
As Trudeau delights cannabis owners,
In the wake of his Islamist boners,
He now fairly basks
In grow-ops and mosques, 
Supported by all kinds of stoners!

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Pulling Strings vs Learning the Ropes

Trump tried to cut the Gordian knot but alack,
The naughts wouldn’t cut him any slack.
Now he could learn from that ancient lord:
Never send a pen to do the job of a sword!